Villa Trifora

House rules


Dear guests,

Welcome to Villa Trifora!

We would like to introduce you to the house rules to make your stay in our home was pleasant.
Respect for the house rules is something that is expected of each guest.

Arrival / Departure:
On the day of your arrival, the accommodation will be available from 14.30. On the day of departure, please leave the apartment until 10.00.
• Upon arrival at the accommodation facility guests give to the owners object identification documents (passport or identity card) of all persons, to report to the authorities. Personal documents will be returned to you within 24 hours.
• When you leave, you leave the kitchen in the apartment in the same condition in which you and find. The rest of the apartment must also be in proper condition.
• Persons who are not registered in the unit are not allowed overnight or day care, or use inventory without the express permission of the host.

Linen / towels:
• During the stay in the house, guests can themselves take care of order and cleanliness of accommodation. Bucket for waste disposal is located next to the parking lot in the city center. It is desirable to leave the house when you leave, in such condition as received.
• Bed linen is included in the room price, and changes with every shift of the guests, and guests who stay more than 7 days given to clean linen every 7 days.The guests themselves are changing linens(
at the request of the the guest changing housekeeper).
• Clean towels are provided every 3 days. Used towels are left in a special basket in the bathroom. It is not allowed to take away the towel from the house to the beach.
• When you go out, please turn off electric appliances (except possibly one light source), to close the taps, close the windows and lock the doors.
Please do not turn off the boiler/ water heater.
• Please do not leave the air conditioning running while you are not at home or use it with open windows and doors.
• During their stay, guests can use all the devices within the home with the obligation to adhere to instructions and careful handling.
• In the event of equipment failure or devices within the accommodation, please notify the host, and will be the same endeavor to remove as soon as possible.
• are kindly requested to take care of their belongings and valuables left in the unit, because the host does not respond to their eventual disappearance. The host will do everything in its power to protect and warn the client about possible dangers.
• The host is not entitled to the absence of the guests enter the rented accommodation. Exceptions are special circumstances in which it is necessary to go inside to prevent the occurrence of possible damage or danger. About the entry owner to inform the guests at the accommodation. In case of justified suspicion that the damage was done and when justified suspicion of a violation of the house rules, guests are required to enable the host entry in the accommodation to verify.
• The accommodation is not allowed to introduce pets.
• The accommodation is not allowed to carry weapons, flammable and explosive substances, with strong or unpleasant smell.
For everything else in every gown is the trashcan.

Thank you for your attention and respect of the rules and regulations.
Thank you to have chosen us for your vacation!

We wish you a pleasant stay in Villa Trifora!

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